Charles Aznavour commends Armenia’s ‘exceptional wisdom and humanism’

Charles Aznavour has addressed an open letter to Armenians, the Aznavour Foundation reports. The letter reads:

My dear sisters and brothers of Armenia,

I would like to congratulate you on how you have been able to move from one situation to another, without bloodshed, without brutality, without violation of our values a, solving problems as if it was easy. This has surprised, astonished and made governments of other countries think.

We – Armenians from the Diaspora – were extremely proud to show the world that there is a small country whose citizens demonstrated exceptional wisdom and humanism, proving that violence is not the only path to peace and agreement. We have had far too many misfortunes in our history and now we are opening a page of happiness, wisdom and love.

You have succeeded in proving that our people have a clear conscience and that  unity is and will always remain a priority. It is this unity that will allow us to ensure the prosperity of the country and the friendly attitude among citizens.  You have been able to prove that it is possible to live united and with a high sense of responsibility.

We, Armenians, managed to show that  that the words “people,” “Homeland,” “flag,” “culture,” “religion” and “family” are part of our values, that every Armenian has equal rights and freedoms in his country.

I’m probably the most French Armenian in the world, but I’m proud of my Armenia and I never hid it.

Thank you to the Armenian people for showing the world our humanism: Armenia is  great with its values. Let us be a model for those who are different and those who are less open to change. Let us continue on this path because I am convinced that it is the best for the future of our people and nation.

I thank you all for giving me this pride. Long live the Republic of Armenia!

Charles Aznavour

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