David Babayan: No alternative to restoring full-fledged negotiation format

Official Stepanakert has been speaking about the need to resume the full-fledged format of negotiations for 20 years, Spokesman for Artsakh President David Babayan said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

“There is a legal inconsistency here, because the format was established at the 1994 Budapest summit with a consensus decision and Nagorno Karabakh was recognized a party to the conflict,” David Babayan said.

Therefore, according to him, any change in the format can be made only at a summit on the basis of a consensus decision.

“Armenia has also been raising the issue on different occasions, and it’s the non-constructive stance of Azerbaijan being the only obstacle,” the Spokesperson said.

According to him, Azerbaijan this not only presents the restoration of the full-fledged format, but also drags on the conflict settlement process.

The comments come in the wake of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement in Stepanakert that the Artsakh authorities should negotiate on behalf of Atsakh.

Babayan said any call to restore the format causes hysteria in Azerbaijan, but work in that direction should continue irrespective of anything, because there is no alternative to the settlement of the conflict.

Commenting on the forthcoming meeting between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Russian President Nikol Pashinyan, David Babayn said “Moscow’s stance remains unchanged.”

“Moscow has always declared they are no judges to impose decision, they are merely mediators. We also see a great interest in maintaining stability here, because war does not meet the interests of Russia, as an immediate neighbor.

He stressed that there can be no return to the past, and the security, independence and sovereignty of Artsakh is a supreme value. “But if the security is not ensured, we’ll not manage to maintain the independence and sovereignty,” he said.

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