Armenia’s President issues congratulatory message on Victory and Peace Day

Armenia’s President Armen Sarkissian has issued a congratulatory address on the Day of Victory and Peace and liberation of Shushi.

“At this moment my thoughts are particularly with the glorious veterans of the Second World War, those who are among us today and whom I wish good health and long life.

They convey to us the spirit of fighting and the joy of victory.

My thoughts are also with all those – our parents and grandparents – who carried on their shoulders all the cruelties and burden of war – blockade, famine, captivity, concentration camps and Gulag, orphanhood and homelessness. They taught us to endure, hope and survive.

I bow my head to the memory of all heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom. The Armenian nation that was still bleeding after the genocide, paid a high price in its struggle against fascism, and its sons crowned themselves with glory on all fronts.

A number of generations have been brought up on the example of these heroes.  The heirs of those heroes were the ones that went to battle for freedom and liberated Shushi, building our modern-day victories.

That spirit of courage, heroism and sacrifice for the sake of Motherland is strong with the today’s defender of the Motherland – the Armenian soldier. It was the victorious soldier that defended the native land with an unparalleled feat in April 2016.

Today our bright youth is at watch posts, committed to rebuilding the Motherland with their creative vigor, purposefulness and patriotism.

Glory and honor to all the brave and eternal memory for those fallen for the sake of the Motherland.”

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