Armenian people moving along the path of fulfillment of dreams – PM

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has issued a statement, congratulating everyone on the Day of Victory and Peace.

“The victory of our predecessors in the Great Patriotic War was truly historic. The victory and the peace it brought opened new doors for our people and opened up new horizons for its creative work, the prosperity and development of the country.

All sections of the Armenian people gave all they could to that victory and glorified their name on all the fronts of the Second World War, as well as in rear, guerilla battles and resistance movements.

With deep reverence, today we express our respect and gratitude to our veterans.

Today is a double holiday for us. We celebrate the anniversary of Shushi liberation. This glorious victory was not solely a military success. This saved the people of Artsakh from the threat of annihilation and gained a prospect of peace.

Today we bow our heads to the memory of our martyrs and assure that the violation of the rights of an individual and the nation will not be tolerated. It will not be tolerated because our people have humanitarian ideals, a freedom-loving spirit and a unified will to protect those ideals.

The non-violent, democratic, velvet revolution, the popular revolt, the nationwide involvement are yet another irrevocable evidence that we have a clear understanding of what freedom, democracy and peace-loving means. Today Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora are again confident in their power, the spirit of liberation of Shushi is awake in our hearts and eyes.

Dear people, proud people of the Republic of Armenia, I do not doubt that the victorious spirit of the Armenian people, which has become even stronger with recent events, will bring new achievements to Armenia and Artsakh. The Armenian people are confidently walking along the path of fulfillment of their dreams.

Once again I congratulate all of us on this glorious holiday and wish peaceful sky, fair and productive work for the glory of our country and for the welfare of our people.”

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