Armenia’s Acting Defense Minister quits

Acting Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan has issued a statement, announcing his resignation and congratulating everyone on the occasion of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the liberation of Shushi and the anniversary of formation of the Artsakh Armed Forces.

“The Minister is a politician, whose work can be effective only in a team of fellow-thinkers. It’s a matter of neither professionalism nor the willingness to serve the people: one can and must be useful to society irrespective of position and post,” Vigen Sargsyan said. He pledged to continue his service in a different capacity.

“I’m confident that I’m transferring a stronger and more efficient army to my successor, transferring an army with a substantially extended budget, expanded infrastructures and improved statistics,” Sargsyan added.

“It’s a pity that many programs, especially those in the field of servicemen’s social security, are in the stage of implementation. I will give a detailed account of the unfinished projects to the next Minister, pointing to their financial sources and legal arrangements. I am ready to assist him and all future ministers in bringing our country to a higher level of security. I hope they will also be consistent in developing and successfully completing the projects. Even if we have opposing political views, I sincerely wish the next minister to succeed, as it would mean that he will transfer the army and the country in a better condition to his successor and our descendants,” Vigen Sargsyan stated.

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