Georgia will remain important to Armenia whoever comes to power, experts say




Georgia will remain an important country for Armenia whoever comes to power, says Ramaz Koyava, expert at Georgian Public TV.

“Georgia is an important to Armenia, first of all as a transit country, which connects it to the outer world, most Armenian cargoes go through Georgia. However, Armenia is also an important country to Georgia,” the expert said.

Ramaz Koyava is confident that Armenia will keep pressing for important issues such as reopening of the Abkhazian railway, but “Georgia will continue to take into account the interests of Azerbaijan.”

International Crisis Group expert Olesya Vardanyan believes the solution of issues existing in Armenian-Russian relations and implementation of projects will depend on what the Georgian side will offer Nikol Pashinyan.

“On the other hand, Georgia is deepening strategic partnership with Azerbaijan and Turkey and cannot find itself between two fires,” she said.

“Georgia will have to get convinced that the deepening of ties with Armenia will not harm its relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey. In this context many will focus on developments in the Karabakh conflict settlement process,” the expert added.

According to her, many expect Armenia’s new leader to think of ways out of the impasse in the conflict settlement process.

Experts are trying to compare events in Armenia to the Georgian revolution. The most important similarity is that in both cases citizens, mostly youth, took to the streets for the sake of change.

Olesya Vardanyan says that “while in 2003 the US and Western countries were actively involved in events in the South Caucasus, they have now left the region.”

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