Armenian Gospels on display at Museum of Bible in Washington

The newly opened Museum of the Bible in Washington DC,  located just blocks from the US Capitol features a number of artifacts of early Armenian Christian art, the Armenian Embassy in the US informs.

The Armenian artifacts include a 12th-15th century illuminated Armenian Gospel Book, which belonged to the Armenian kings of Cilicia, and a 17th century hand-copied Gospel Book from Constantinople. The Bible Translations section of the museum tells the story of the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots in the 5th century for the sole purpose of translating the Bible from Greek and Latin into Armenian.

The museum focuses on the narrative and history of the Bible, as well as it’s impact on societies and culture around the world. It showcases more than 600 ancient biblical artifacts and early hand-copied and printed examples of the Holy Book.

Among the museum’s relics are first editions of the King James Bible, fragments of the Dead Sea Scroll, a 16th century Bible signed and inscribed by Martin Luther, the first Bible to travel to the moon, the largest collection of Torah scrolls and Bibles that belonged to celebrities, including US Presidents’ inauguration Bibles.

Visitors also immerse in Biblical stories through modern digital technology and special effects and a walk-through recreation of Nazareth.

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