Republicans to support any candidate for PM nominated by one third of MPs

The Republican faction of the National Assembly has declared it will support any candidate for Prime Minister nominated by one third of the Members of Parliament.

Speaking to reporters, head of the faction Vahram Baghdasaryan said the Republican Party will not nominate a candidate.

“On May 8 the Republic of Armenia will have a Prime Minister elected in a constitutional way,” Baghdasaryan said.

He urged for an immediate end to the “unacceptable situation” in the country, called to unblock all streets and highways in capital Yerevan and across the republic, stop “spreading intolerance” and return to the constitutional framework.

The National Assembly is set to hold a new vote on May 8.

On Tuesday the Parliament voted down protest leader Nikol Pashinyan’s bid to become Prime Minister, which sparked a new wave of protests across the country.

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