EU reiterates support for Armenia’s efforts to “build democratic society”

The European Union has issued a statement, encouraging all stakeholders in Armenia to engage in comprehensive dialogue.

The statement comes after a special session of the National Assembly did not result in the election of a new Prime Minister.

“The European Union reiterates its support to Armenia in its efforts to build a prosperous and democratic society. It remains crucial that all parties involved, including the law enforcement agencies and those exercising their right of freedom of assembly and expression, avoid confrontation and show restraint and responsibility, as has been the case in recent days,” the EU said.

“The European Union continues to encourage all stakeholders, including civil society, to engage in a comprehensive dialogue, in view of the democratic formation of a new government in accordance with the Constitution and in the interest of all Armenians,” the statement reads.

The Constitution provides for another session of the National Assembly to elect a new Prime Minister in seven days.

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