Pashinyan calls to cease “acts of civil disobedience”

Leader of the National Assembly’s Yelk bloc Nikol Pashinyan, who has been leading anti-government rallies since April 13, has urged to cease all actions of civil disobedience and announced plans to hold meetings with parliamentary factions.

“I have very important job to do at the National Assembly in the morning. I must hold meetings with representatives of all parliamentary factions. I will not be able to work calmly at the Parliament, knowing that civil disobedience acts are being carried out in different parts of the country,” Pashinyan told supporters at a rally today.

The MP said he will be at Garegin Nzhdeh Square at 5 p.m., from here he will march to the Republic Square. He pledged to tell the public about the results of the negotiations.

Pashinyan refrained from revealing plans for May 1, noting that “it will depend on the political situation in the country.”

The Armenian National Assembly is set to elect Prime Minister on May.

The Republican Party, which withdrew from the race for the Prime Minister’s post, has said it will not create obstacles for the PM’s election.

“If three parliamentary factions decide to nominate a single candidate, we will not create any obstacles to the candidate’s election as Prime Minister,” Head of the Republican faction Vahram Baghdasaryan told reporters today.

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