Armenian Sarkissian: Serzh Sargsyan opened gateway to New Armenia

President Armen Sarkissian issued the following statement following a day of consultations with representatives of political forces and social and political figures:

The stormy developments in our country over the past few days are unprecedented. The manner in which a political movement grew into a popular movement in an organized and civilized way is a matter of pride to all Armenians.

We now have a new page in Armenia’s history. We live in new Armenia, Armenia where all citizens and Armenians worldwide should use their energy for the development of the country, in Armenia, which will stand out for its democracy, governance, civil society, culture, science and economic development, in Armenia, where every Armenian will see his future and that of the coming generations, in Armenia that will be loved by every Armenian be it a statement or a common citizen, in Armenia of my and your dreams.

Denying this reality would be short-sighted.

Just like Serzh Sargsyan opened a gateway to New Armenia with a sober assessment, the political forces, especially those represented in the National Assembly, must pave that way, guided by the Constitution.

We all are obliged to properly accomplish the historic mission that we have got and make that step at a fatal moment for our nation. Political forces enjoying the trust of the majority of people should jointly lead the country along this path.

I am convinced that the national consciousness accumulated throughout millennia will not allow this historic moment to be missed.

I’ proud to have seen today’s Armenia and I’m glad to live in tomorrow’s strong, united, fair and flourishing Armenia.

Good morning, Armenia. Good morning, proud citizens of Armenia.

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