Artsakh President’s address on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan has issued an address on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

Dear compatriots,

The year of 1915 made it into the history of the Armenian people as the year of the Armenian Genocide – the villainous program implemented in the Ottoman Empire at a state level.

On 24 April the whole Armenian people mourns and bows before the sacred memory of the Genocide martyrs. It is a tribute to 1,5 million our compatriots, innocent children, elderly people and women, workers of culture and arts, state and political figures, ordinary people who have fallen victims of Turkish scimitar only because they were Armenians. Hundreds of thousands of people became refugees leaving their homes and finding shelter in different corners of the world.

Our people managed to survive this bloody catastrophe, not only to survive, but also build new homes and hearths, develop their native land and defend it, celebrating great victories. The guarantees of these victories today are the two free, independent and sovereign Armenian republics that due to the united efforts and dedication of our hardworking and creative people, our sisters and brothers from the Diaspora, are steadfastly moving towards a reliable future.

The Genocide is severe pain and open wound of the entire Armenian people, which obliges us always be on alert and vigilant, do everything possible for the continuous development and strengthening of the independent Armenian statehood. To be firm, consolidated and united, believe and rely on our own strength, considering national interests and values above everything else. This is the only way of our people’s progress, this is the most important lesson of the Armenian Genocide.


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