Armenia’s President says ready to meet with protest leader

President Armen Sarkisssian has issued a fresh statement on the domestic political situation in Armenia.

“Dear compatriots,

I express my deep concerns over the existing situation in Armenia.

The intolerance in the air has reached the peak. I’m deeply concerned by the refusal to accept the offer for dialogue.

Therefore, I call on everyone to pause and think soberly about the consequences of this confrontation.

This is not a political call. I apply to you as a parent, as a friend and as an Armenian man.

I urge everyone to show extreme restraint and responsibility before making any move, to strictly follow the letter and spirit of law.

Any political demand, regardless of how reasonable it may seem, endangers the health and life of citizens.

Unfortunately, we have had that experience and have to prevent it from happening again.

There will be no winners and loser, all of us will suffer, the country will suffer.

It is necessary to unload the tension. We should not allow the gab dividing the parties to become unbridgeable.

Therefore, I am ready to meet with MP Nikol Pashinyan to mitigate the existing tension through dialogue between political forces.”

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