Recognition of Artsakh people’s right to self-determination a basis for conflict settlement – Bako Sahakyan

Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Recognition of the Artsakh people’s right to self-determination and its results is the basis of the Karabakh conflict settlement, Artsakh’s President Bako Sahakyan said in his annual address to the National Assembly today.

The peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict, the international recognition of Artsakh, establishment and deepening of bilateral ties were high on foreign policy agenda in 2017 and remain a priority this year, President Sahakyans aid.

He said that in 2017 the main efforts were aimed at eliminating the consequences of the 2016 April war.

“The implementation of the agreements on implementing measures to reinforce the ceasefire regime was on the agenda, but no progress was reached in that direction because of Azerbaijan’s non-constructive stance,” Bako Sahakyan stated.

Despite that the Artsakh authorities are willing to keep cooperating with the OSCE to further negotiation process. Maintenance of peace remains a top priority, and the President considers that the agreements reached in Vienna and St. Petersburg could serve a good basis.

The President noted that Artsakh will continue to insist on the importance of participation in all stages of the negotiations and restoration of a full format of negotiations.

According to him, the recognition of the Artsakh people’s right to self-determination and its results are the basis of settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

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