Police urges protesters to stop blocking streets

The Police have issued a statement, urging Nikol Pashinyan, leader of the anti-government protests, to comply with RA Law on the Freedom of Assembly, to stop blocking the streets and ensure the normal course of assembly.

The Police said they receive complaints from different organizations in the capital including educational and medical establishments that the actions of the protesters have been hindered by their regular activities this morning.

“The citizen’s constitutional right to freedom of movement remains restricted. Such a situation has resulted in the restriction of the rights of others and the interests of the public,” the Police said.

The Police reminded that in line with Article 33 of the Law on the Freedom of Assembly, it has right to stop the assembly if there is no other possibility of preventing disproportionate restrictions of the constitutional rights of other persons or of the public interest.

Protesters have blocked several streets in central Yerevan since morning.

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