Public Radio of Armenia one of Yerevan’s most important claims to fame

One of Yerevan’s most important claims to fame is the jokes connected to Radio Yerevan and its public radio company, Dimitris Hall writes in iNews.

“The popularity of these jokes across the Iron Curtain during the Cold War brought the East and West closer together, and they can still be heard in some countries to this day,” the article reads.

“A Singing Sculpture was created to commemorate Radio Yerevan’s 90th anniversary as well as the 60th anniversary since the first public TV broadcast. It has a hidden radio receiver always tuned to the Public Radio of Armenia,” the author writes.

Dimitris Hall reminds that Armenia’s capital Yerevan is older than Rome and is full of ancient and modern culture interacting in interesting ways.

The author also refers to Armenian brandy and wines, to the mysterious Yerevanian Lake, the genius of “Armenian da Vinci” Eduard Khazaryan.

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