Armenian companies attend “Aru Almaty” jewelry expo in Kazakhstan

Seven Armenian producers participated in the 30th “Aru Almaty” international jewelry exhibition in Kazakhstan on 5-8 April, 2018 with the support of Business Armenia.

The expo is held twice a year with the support of the Government of Kazakhstan and the National Association of Jewelers.

“Aru Almaty” is viewed as a potential gateway for the Armenian producers to the large Asian market. It is the only international jewelry exhibition in Kazakhstan and across Central Asia.

As a result of last year’s participation, Armenian producers have signed export contracts worth 38 million AMD, and the “Mitsario Gold” company has opened a branch in Kazakhstan.

“Specialized exhibition-sale is a very favorable platform to meet retail and wholesale buyers and make deals, especially taking into account that Asian countries have started to recover from the crisis, restoring the jewelry trade and market turnover volumes. We aim at utilizing this growth rate to restore and increase Armenian jewelry exports and sales in Kazakhstan and the neighboring region,” stated the International Commerce team leader Mr. Narek Aleksanyan.

Aru Almaty featured hundreds of companies from Armenia, Belgium, India, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

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