Tribute to the memory of April war heroes

Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan, the highest leadership of the Armend Forces visited the Yerablur Pantheon today to pay tribute to the servicemen killed in the four-day war in April 2016.

Speaking to reporters, Minister Sargsyan said “army-building is a non-stop process like state-building.”

“People who think they have done everything for the current stage should pave the way for the continuation of the process with new ideas. I think the history of our army-building is exceptional. It is a history of formation of a victorious army. No matter how tragic and painful the April events were in terms of loss of our compatriots, no army in the world has yet created a different way of protecting the country,” he said.

“I think we have realized that protection of the country is the everyday duty of the whole country, the government and the society, and I believe it is the key to all the programs and goals we have to call to life in the future in order to be able to protect our country and state, our civilization as a “Nation-army,” to defend the huge heritage we have created as a nation throughout millennia,” Vigen Sargsyan said.

“We have worked and will keep working consistently to improve our combat readiness,  to keep the standing of our army on the level we came out of the Karabakh war. We must always be ready to solve issues that might emerge under the conditions of the complex geopolitical realities of the 21st century,” the minister added.

Movses Hakobyan, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, said “the April war was an important lesson and a trial.” He added that “huge work has been done in the past two years to correct the problems revealed during the military actions.”

“The rival will not be able to carry out military actions of the same scale any more. However, this is not enough. Army and war constantly seek new methods for gaining advantage over the rival, and we are working in that direction, as well,” Movses Hakobyan stated.

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