CSTO adopts decision on the threat to collective security in Karabakh conflict zone

The CSTO PA Permanent Commission on Political Affairs and International Cooperation today adopted an Armenia-proposed decision on the possible threat to collective security in the Karabakh conflict zone.

The Commission expresses concern over the situation in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone and urges to refrain from any statement and action that can lead to raised tensions in the region.

“The Commission reiterates CSTO’s commitment to the exceptionally peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict reflected in the Collective Security Council’s statement of November 30, 2017 and joins the support of the heads of CSTO member states to the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs’ efforts aimed at peaceful settlement of the conflict on the basis of the norms and principles of international law, provisions of the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act, namely non-use of force or the threat of force, territorial integrity and the right of peoples to self-determination,” the document reads.

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