Azerbaijan should refrain from “linguistic exercises” and return to a constructive field, Armenian FM

Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian advises Baku to refrain from  “linguistic exercises” and return to the constructive field, meet its commitments and respect the agreements reached during meetings.

The comments come after Azerbaijani claims that following presidential elections in the country negotiations will enter an active phase based on so-called “creative” ideas.

“Baku once said negotiations should be constructive and logical, as if they have been neither substantial, nor logical until now,” Minister Nalbandian said at a joint press conference with the visiting Foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn.

“Now they step from the phase of substantial and logical negotiations into a new phase that will proceed on the basis of some “creative” proposals on the part of the Co-Chairs,” Minister Nalbandian said.

“Such ‘creativity’ was demonstrated when our 2,800-year-old capital Yerevan and other regions of Armenia were declared ‘Azerbaijan’s historic territories.’ Azerbaijan’s ‘creativity’ also finds its expression in the constant threats of force. Perhaps, they have found a new trick to explain why they are rejecting the principles and elements proposed reflected in the five statements adopted by the co-chairing countries on the highest level. Maybe, Baku considers these proposals primitive and simple, and lack creativity,” the Foreign Minister stated.

He said “Baku reserves itself the right to assess the ‘creativeness’ of the Co-Chairs’ proposals.”

Minister Nalbandian advised Baku to refrain from this “linguistic exercises” and return to the constructive field, meet their commitments and respect the agreements reached during meetings.

“During the recent Krakow meeting we agreed to expand the capacities of the team of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, and both Armenia and the Co-Chairs announced this. However, up until now Azerbaijan refuses to implement those agreements and even refer to them,” Armenia’s top diplomat said.

He said the same has happened on different occasions and added: “If Azerbaijan is unable to return to the constructive field, it should be forced to do so.”

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