World Bank, Armenia discuss 2018-2022 partnership framework

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received a delegation led by World Bank Yerevan Office Head Sylvie Bossoutrot.

During the meeting Ms. Bossoutrot presented the partnership framework between WB and Armenia for 2018-2022 and the proposed reform agenda, based on the Government’s five-year plan. She underlined that the World Bank is ready to build on the ties of effective cooperation with the Government of Armenia in a number of areas, including public administration, infrastructure, export promotion, human capital development, sustainable environment and natural resource management.

The WB Yerevan Office Head appreciated the ongoing transformations in Armenia and complimented the Prime Minister for achieving high rates of growth. Highlighting the successful course of constitutional reforms, the completion of our country’s transition to the parliamentary system, the signing of the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, the high rates of economic growth and the rising tide of Diaspora’s involvement in various spheres of the economy, Silvie Bossoutrot noted their positive impact on the ongoing reform process in Armenia.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan attached importance to the deepening and expansion of bilateral cooperation, welcomed the draft partnership program and the proposed reforms. The head of the Armenian government suggested continuing discussions on various projects with the government agencies and thanked the World Bank for supporting the reform of the water resource management system. Karen Karapetyan noted that his government will continue to reform this sector and take further steps towards its optimization.

“We have started implementing a large package of projects in the field of agriculture, aimed at directing farmers to engage in a more efficient, modern and intensive agriculture. In this regard, it is important for us to continue the reforms in the sphere of water resource management so that it becomes a logical business, which in turn will lead to higher efficiency, discipline and cost-effectiveness,” the Prime Minister said.

A number of other issues of bilateral cooperation were discussed during the meeting.

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