Armenia reiterates commitment to contribute to security in Lebanon

It is with great sense of responsibility that Armenia has engaged in UNIFIL mission seeking to contribute to the efficient activities  aimed at ensuring peace in friendly Lebanon, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said at the Ministerial Meeting on Support to Lebanon.

“Lebanon is the quintessence of the Middle East with its multicultural, multiethnic and multi-religious structure that is the reflection of almost the whole region within the boundaries of one state. It is a challenge, since everything happening in the region can resonate in this country, at the same time it is an asset in terms of benefits born of the diversity,” Minister Nalbandian stated.

“For these very reasons Lebanon may have an impact on the regional situation either exacerbating its wounds, or at the current turbulent times act as an island of peace, representing an example of coexistence for others. All these add to the significance of this state for the regional security and stability and in helping this country to effectively address the challenges. We anticipate that this conference will make a tangible contribution in this regard and will be followed by not less meaningful steps,” he added.

“The importance of the situation in Lebanon for Armenia goes beyond its regional significance. For centuries the Armenian nation has constituted part of the Lebanese and in general the Middle East mosaic. Today this country hosts the largest Armenian community in the region, and continue to be one of the cultural and spiritual centers of our people. Traditionally Armenians have been active in all spheres of the social life in Lebanon, including the politics. Today they are represented both in the Government and in the Parliament. The Armenians shared the whole difficulties that befell on the people of Lebanon and look forward to make their contribution to the safe and secure future of the state. The Republic of Armenia stands by the people of Lebanon in reaching these aspirations,” Armenia’s top diplomat stated.


“On numerous occasions Armenia has expressed its support to the friendly people of Lebanon. It has been once again reiterated during the February official visit of the President of Lebanon to Armenia, as well as during the Armenian Prime Minister’s official visit to Lebanon three days ago,” he noted.

The Foreign Minister reminded that starting from November 2014 the Armenian platoon composed of 32 peacekeepers has been serving under the Italian command in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). “It is with great sense of responsibility that Armenia has engaged in this mission seeking to contribute to the efficient activities of the UNIFIL aimed at ensuring peace in friendly Lebanon.”

“UNIFIL is not the only peacebuilding operation that Armenia has joined. The United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Peacekeeping Operations stated in this regard that “Armenia’s support is important not only for its contribution but also for the Armenian history and the challenges overcome during it”. Indeed, history teaches us that security is a common endeavor,” Minister Nalbandian said.

“We are looking forward to more effective cooperation between Armenia and Lebanon in defence and security fields based on the precise proposals that are already on the table, as well as the new ideas,” he added.

“The role of Lebanon in the region is not limited to its strategic importance, but indeed, the traditional ethno-confessional colorfulness and the richness of historical-cultural heritage that it represents. These are universal values that require global protection,” Minister Nalbandian concluded.

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