Egypt MPs urge Parliament to recognize Armenian Genocide

Yahya Kadwani, deputy chairman of the defense and national security committee of the Egyptian parliament and Tarek El-Khouly, secretary of the committee on foreign affairs once again raised the issue of Armenian Genocide recognition last week, Horizon Weekly reports.

The two MPs referred to the motions adopted by the Netherlands House of Representatives last week and urged the Egyptian Parliament to adopt a similar decision.

According to Kadwani, it is necessary to take the step to counter Turkey’s continuing infringements. He added that “the Armenians killings are a historic fact and everyone should have a clear stance on the issue.”

Tarek El-Khouly said, in turn, that Egypt was part of those events and a witness to the history by giving refuge to Armenians that escaped the genocide.

“Grandchildren of the genocide survivors live among us, therefore the plans to rebuild the Ottoman Empire should be revealed and Turkey’s maximalist aspirations should be prevented,” he added.

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