Eurasian Development Bank projects 3% GDP growth in Armenia

Eurasian Development Bank analysts forecast positive economic growth in the Bank’s member states and a 2.2% increase in the region’s GDPs in 2018.

In Armenia GDP is expected to rise by 3%, Belarus 2.6%, Kazakhstan 3.7%, Kyrgyzstan 4.2%, Russia 2%, and Tajikistan 7.3%.

The record-low inflation rate achieved in 2017 (an average of around 3% for the region) is forecast to increase to 4% in 2018 but will remain within the targets set by the central/national banks.

In Armenia inflation is expected at a level of 3.4% (year-on-year in December), Belarus 6%, Kazakhstan 5.8%, Kyrgyzstan 4.7%, Russia 3.8%, and Tajikistan 6.1%.

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