Genocide Education Project hosts training for Glendale teachers

Asbarez – The Genocide Education Project hosted a full-day workshop for Glendale Unified School District teachers. Led by GenEd’s Sara Cohan, the workshop also included an engaging family history presentation by distinguished historian and GenEd Advisory Board member, Dr. Richard Hovannisian.

Approximately 45 teachers attended, including History and English teachers, as well as educators from the neighboring La Cañada school district. Teachers gave overwhelmingly positive assessments of the workshop:

The workshop was hosted by the Glendale Unified School District’s Department of Teaching and Learning, following through on a commitment last year by the school board and superintendent to insure that the district’s History-Social Sciences teachers properly incorporate the Armenian Genocide in their curriculum. Topics covered included the definition of genocide, the Ten Stages of Genocide, fundamentals of the history of the Armenian Genocide and its denial. Educators were guided through numerous lesson plans and worked in small groups to create lessons based on primary source documents related to the Armenian Genocide.

“We’re so gratified by the interest and commitment in teaching about the Armenian Genocide demonstrated by the Glendale school district and the individual teachers who attended the workshop,” said Roxanne Makasdjian, GenEd’s Executive Director.

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