Lithuanian, Latvian travelers visit Nagorno Karabakh, inspired by Lapshin story



Three travelers from Lithuania and Latvia decided to go to Nagorno-Karabakh and see the place most people often hear about in the context of conflict, 15min reports.

Stanislav Gorbunov, Alexander Alimov and Ivar Utanan from explored this poorly-known place for tourists and created a movie about their journey. The music was written by local composer Bagrat Terterian.

The trip was inspired by the painful history of blogger Alexander Lapshin, who visited Nagorno Karabakh in 2011 and 2012 and was later detained by Belarus authorities and sent to Baku. The blogger was sentenced to three years in prison, but has already been released.

“He is our friend, and then we got the idea – if Azerbaijan wants to harbor travelers, scare bloggers, stop them from visiting Nagorno-Karabakh, then we will show that there is nothing to fear,” Sergey Gorbunov told 15min. This determination has probably cost him and his two friends already to visit Azerbaijan. If Baku finds itself visiting Nagorno-Karabakh, visas will not be issued to your country.

Gorbunov and friends probably found their place in Azerbaijan’s “black list” but are never worried about the fact.  “But I never planned to go there,” said Gorbunov.

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