PM presents Armenia’s digital agenda at Almaty forum

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan made a speech at the “Digital Agenda in Globalization Era” conference in Almaty. Introducing Armenia’s digital agenda, the Prime Minister emphasized that digital transformation is not only a step toward technological progress, but also the only opportunity to become a country with efficient governance and economy in a short period of time, and there are no alternatives here.

“The IT sector is actively developing in Armenia. Over the past few years we have had about 25% growth in this field. We have not yet summed up last year’s results, but we expect 28-30% growth,” Karen Karapetyan said. In his speech, the Premier touched upon the educational sphere, noting that chess, robotics and information technologies are taught at all the schools of Armenia, even in distant regions. In addition, business and finances will be taught from this year on.

Karen Karapetyan spoke about the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, noting that in 2016 it was recognized as the best innovative school in the world, and the Center is currently expanding both within and outside the country. The Paris City Hall recently announced the opening of such a center.

Coming to Armenia’s digital agenda, the Prime Minister said that digitization is gaining momentum in 6 main directions: digital governance, digital skills, infrastructure, cyber security, private sector and institutional bases.

“In order to effectively manage and coordinate the national digital agenda, the Armenian government established the Digital Armenia Foundation in 2017, and developed Armenia’s digital transformation agenda for 2018-2030. In accordance with the digital agenda, we intend to achieve 100% and 80% growths respectively in public-private sector cooperation and digitized public-private sector services by 2030,” Karen Karapetyan said.

The conference was attended by heads of government from Eurasian Economic Union-member countries, international experts and IT specialists.

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