Man Utd boss Mourinho confirms ‘market is open’ for Mkhitaryan

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has spoken about the latest transfer speculation surrounding a potential new signing and the possible departure of a current first-team star, according to the club’s official website. 

On the possibility of Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez’ move to United, Mourinho said: “I am not confident, but also not unconfident. Just relaxed and we have the feeling that he is an Arsenal player. We have the feeling that he can stay there. But also the feeling that he can move and if he moves, I think we have a chance. But, I think most probably, a player like him has other big clubs interested. Who knows? I think him, Mr Wenger and Mr Gazidis [Arsenal’s chief executive], I think they know really what is going to happen. I have no idea to be honest. Today I was completely separate from all of that. I was focused on my match and not worried about anything else other than the match. I’m not going to speak about hypothetical situations, he is an Arsenal player and he can be an Arsenal player. But I feel I shouldn’t speak about him because he is an Arsenal player.”

Asked about rumors surrounding Armenia international Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the United boss said: “He is our player, he is a Manchester United player, so I can speak about him. He is a player that I like, of high quality, who can give us a lot. If he stays here, he is a very good player. This season he started very well and then he came a little bit down. Last season he was an important player and helped us win the Europa League, so let’s see what’s going to happen. Is he going to be involved in a deal and leave us? It’s possible but it’s also possible that he stays. We have to protect him and to protect the team a little bit, so let’s make sure that he stays with us or that he leaves us. The market is open. It’s a pity that the window closes on the 31st, it should close tomorrow.”

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