Two Armenian soldiers wounded trying to save fellow serviceman




The soldier killed on the frontline by an Azerbaijani sniper on January 7 had not violated any rules, Movses Hakobyan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces told reporters today.

“The fact is that the serviceman has been shot dead by a sniper. The commander rushed to help the soldier and was also wounded in the firing. The vehicle of the operative group that was dispatched to the site to examine the reasons of the incident also came under fire. Another soldier was wounded here,” Movses Hakobyan said.

He praised the officer who rushed to save the soldier without hesitation.

“The rival is looking for different ways of targeting the Armenian soldiers,” Hakobyan said.

Private of the Artsakh Defense Army Vache Chilingaryan was killed as a result of firing from the Azerbaijani side in the northeastern direction of the line of contact at about 13:20 on January 7.

Movses Hakobyan said the situation was calm on New Year holidays, few shots were reported, no incidents were registered.

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