Belgium deporting Armenian family

A family of Armenians is about to be deported from Belgium after being placed in a closed center in Tubize a few days before the Christmas holidays, RTL Info reported.

The family with three children has lived at home in Eeklo, Flanders, for nine years.

According to the report, they were stopped at their home in Eeklo during the last week of school before the Christmas holidays.

Kristina is 11 years old and in 6th grade in Mr. Geert’s class. She has been in Belgium since she was 2 years old and is therefore perfectly integrated. She speaks Dutch perfectly.

Mr. Geert, the teacher, is still in shock. “I find it horrible that it happens just a week when the child receives her ballot, prepares a little Christmas party, swaps greeting cards.”

Last Friday, the teacher traveled from Eeklo to Tubize to give Kristina his letter and to record a small video on which the girl cannot restrain her tears by addressing her classmates.

“Hello everyone, I really miss you very much and I hope I’ll see you again soon”, she says.

The family spent Christmas in a refugee center, as the immigration services were on leave.

“The only thing we can do in defense is a request to cancel the three-year entry ban, we have already submitted that, and then we will petition for their release in the council hall in Ghent,” said the family’s lawyer Marc Sampermans.

Mr Geert thinks that the Aliens Office can still change its mind, at least that’s what he hopes for.

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