Three brown bears in Armenia rescued from cruelty

Freedom has finally been given to three brown bears in Armenia who spent their lives living in tiny cages, with minimal sunlight and no room to move, The Daily Mail reported.

One ten-year-old female bear had been kept as an attraction – used to entertain diners at a restaurant in Armenia’s capital Yerevan.

Her teeth were so badly damaged when rescued that she had barely any left and her poor diet had led to her being severely overweight.

The golden grizzly was one of three bears rescued by local group FPWC (Federation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets) – which joined with International Animal Rescue (IAR) to launch the Great Bear Rescue campaign in October this year.

Since being rescued she has been fed entirely on soft food and chopped fruit and vegetables.

The first bear set free was a young male, only around three years old, who was discovered hidden away in a dark corner of a warehouse in Aparan.

All the bears are now safely settled in the quarantine quarters at Yerevan zoo and receiving expert attention and care from a veterinary team.

The rescue operations are being carried out with the support of the Armenian government, in particular the Environment Ministry.

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