Armenian church in Kayseri to be renovated

The Armenian Surp Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illumination) Church in Kayseri, Turkey, will be restored, Hurriyet reports. The municipality will allocate 3.5 million liras (over $900 thousand) for the purpose.

Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Hamdi Elcım said that the restoration and repair works will start at the beginning of 2018 after the permission from Kayseri Regional Protection Board of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The project is expected to be completed within 4.5 months.

According to the source, the church was first mentioned in 1191. The demolished church was rebuilt in 1859. In 1885, the church was renovated with the support of the people in a short time.

The city of Kayseri has an important place in the history of the Armenian church. With a population of 400,000 in 250, Kayseri is where St. Gregory the Illumination grew up, was educated and became Christian.

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