Russian MP rules out Karabakh’s return under Azerbaijani jurisdiction

Member of the Russian State Duma Konstantin Zatulin does not predict breakthrough in the Karabakh conflict settlement process.

“I think it’s going to be a lengthy process. It’s difficult to expect anything else under the current circumstances, including those in Azerbaijan,” Zatulin said during a space bridge organized by Sputnik news agency.

According to him, for now he and his colleagues expect prevention of the renewed hostilities and military actions, and exclusion of bloodshed.

Speaking of Russian arms sale to Azerbaijan, Konstantin Zatulin said “it had been done on condition that Baku would show restraint and refrain from using the Russian weapons in the Karabakh conflict zone.”

“Unfortunately, Azerbaijan broke the promise,” the lawmaker stated. He added that “Russia restored the balance to some extent by selling arms to Armenia.”

Zatulin said he sees Nagorno Karabakh as a self-determined territory and does not believe it will return under Azerbaijani jurisdiction any time in the future. “It’s an absolutely unlikely scenario of development of events,” the MP stated.

The Russian lawmaker also noted that the offensive and radical rhetoric of Azerbaijani media outlets does no good to the parties. “The rhetoric of Azerbaijani media weakens Azerbaijan’s standing. How can a country benefit from glorification and promotion of an axe-murderer of an Armenian Officer?”

As for Russia’s efforts in helping find peace in Karabakh, Konstantin Zatulin stated: “All we can do today is to keep the parties from resuming hostilities.”

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