Canadian lawmaker urges government to condemn rights abuses against Karabakh people

Horizon Weekly – Canadian lawmaker Tony Clement has urged the government to help end rights abuses against Karabakh people.

“While of course there are numerous examples of human rights abuses that need to be highlighted, I would like to emphasize the current human rights situation in the Republic of Artsakh or Nagorno Karabakh,” Clement said in remarks at the House of Commons on December 11.

“I travelled to the region this summer with One Free World International and observed first-hand the conflict there, and the horrific human rights abuses inflicted upon people who ultimately only wish to live in peace.

According to the lawmaker, he met with mothers who have lost sons, servicemen, and other in the conflict.

“I was on the site of some scenes of unspeakable horrors.

“I have hope for a peaceful and prosperous Artsakh, where people can live side by side with their neighbors, including Azerbaijan.

“The Artsakh conflict is currently mediated through the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,of which Canada is a full member.

“I urge the government to condemn human rights abuses in the region and work to deter further escalation of the conflict.”

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