Japan interested in Armenian wines, honey and dried fruits – Ambassador




Armenia and Japan established diplomatic relations in 1991, but the cooperation between the two countries started earlier. In 1988 Japan sent the first group of rescuers to help Armenia after the devastating earthquake that killed more than 25,000.

Speaking to reporters in Yerevan today Japan’s Ambassador to Armenia Eiji Taguchi said “the development of economic relations is not enough.” He said there are a number of other spheres they would like to develop cooperation in.

Armenia imports Japanese cars, equipment and heavy industrial machinery. The Ambassador said he would like the imports to include medical equipment, new types of materials in the future.

Ambassador Taguchi said his country is interested in Armenian wines, honey and dried fruits. Investors are more interested in innovative technologies, a field which is very developed in Armenia. Tourism and agriculture are also attractive to Japan, he said.

Eiji Taguchi informed that Armenia and Japan will sign an investment agreement in the near future, which, he said, will boost the volume of investments.

The agreement will be more of a guideline for the two countries, which will outline the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

The Ambassador noted the Armenia is the first country to sign an agreement with the EU, while being a member of the Eurasian Economic Union. He said it is a privilege that will attract investors worldwide, who will be interested in creating organizations or launching production in Armenia.

“This is one of the reasons that incites interest among Japanese investors, as well,” Eiji Taguchi concluded.

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