Armenia ranked 34th in Digital Diplomacy Review 2017

Armenia is ranked 34th (up from 52nd last year) in Digital Diplomacy Review 2017 (#DDR17).

#DDR17 identifies 5 major digital diplomacy needs, depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. They also represent the stages of progress from a beginner to advanced degree of digital diplomacy practice at corporate level: Presence, Customization, Up-to-dateness, Engagement, Diplomacy 4.0.

Each level is characterized by designated variables/indicators among 166 criteria selected to measure performance of digital diplomacy assets. In turn these 5 major levels of digital diplomacy performance is double-checked with additional qualitative signifiers such as creativity and authenticity, transparency, content-management, security, openness, influence, type of audience, professionalism, disruptive/innovative campaigns.

First, #DDR17 team collected digital assets used by MFAs from the beginning of 2017 to end of November 2017. Then, all these digital assets were analyzed in depth in the light of data withdrawn from API-based resources.

In the absence of API-based resources, data was compiled manually. The score of each MFA was measured on a 0 to100 scale and its equivalent of a letter from AAA ++ to E – – is also accordingly assigned.

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