Armenia join campaign in support of persecuted Christians

The Embassy of Armenia to the Holy See has joined the campaign in support of persecuted Christians, #StandTogether. This is their way of demonstrating their firm commitment to the defence of religious freedom, according to Rome Reports.

The #StandTogether project, as affirmed by one of its creators, Roberto Fontolán, seeks to bring to light the reality thousands of people face who are denied religious freedom.

“The goal is to share valuable testimonies of Christians who are sacrificing everything for their faith. Through the Stand Together platform, we gather stories of hope, reconciliation and courage from people of different countries,” Roberto Fontolán said. 

The Ambassador of Armenia, Mikayel Minasyan, confirmed his commitment to this cause.

“The Embassy of Armenia to the Holy See is a long time supporter of initiatives that give a voice to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East or implement specific actions enforcing these communities,” the Ambassador said. 

The meeting, held at the Palazzo Colonna in Rome, was attended by the President of the Constitutional Court of Armenia, as well as representatives of the Holy See, the Order of Malta and numerous other countries who are accredited to the Vatican.

The gala dinner culminated with a performance with Armenian music.

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