President Sargsyan introduced to the capacities of new Armenia-made military equipment

Presidents of Armenia and Artsakh Serzh Sargsyan and Bako Sahakyan visited the “Asparez” training center, where they were introduced to the military-technical characteristics of new military equipment of Armenian production. The Presidents later watched the equipment in action.

On Saturday Serzh Sargsyan and Bako Sahakyan joined the Defense Ministers of the two countries and high-ranking army officials to inspect the military exercises conducted by the Defense Army’s unified command in the southeastern section of the Republic of Artsakh. President Sargsyan encouraged the most prominent servicemen with various incentives.

On Saturday the two Presidents attended the commissioning of a multi-apartment residential building for servicemen, as well as the openings of a newly built canteen and barracks at one of the military units. Serzh Sargsyan handed awards and incentives to the best officers, contract and conscript soldiers for dedicated and excellent service.

“Strong defense calls for effort, due diligence and hard work, which can ultimately lead to high professionalism. Modern armed forces imply not only state-of-the-art armament, but also the ability to apply it at the right moment and to its full capacity. I am grateful to you for today’s drills which testified to your high efficiency,” he said

Believe me, this is your response to all those who want to take away our homeland, who are trying to put on show their might and get something out of us. Peoples can protect their homeland if your type is dominant in them. We are in a position to defend our borders, and we will defend our homeland. I would like to thank your parents, your teachers, all those who have contributed to your upbringing,” President Sargsyan said, wishing the servicemen a dignified stance and successful service.


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