PACE co-rapporteurs hail reforms implemented by Armenian government

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received PACE Monitoring Committee members, PACE Co-Rapporteurs Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of Co-Rapporteurs’ regular visits to Armenia, which make it possible to discuss the ongoing reforms and Armenia’s compliance with its commitments.

“Since joining the Council of Europe, Armenia has been actively involved in the proceedings of the Council of Europe and its various bodies. We highly appreciate our cooperation and are grateful to the Council of Europe for extending expert support, including the development of legislative reform packages. I think that Armenia has gone a long way towards fulfilling these commitments, as evidenced by the findings of the monitoring conducted by PACE and the CoE Committee of Ministers,” Karen Karapetyan said.

PACE Co-Rapporteurs Alan Meale and Giuseppe Galati agreed that Armenia has passed a long way in a short period of time, noting that the country has embarked upon the next stage of transformations and developments following the general elections.

Issues related to the constitutional reform process, electoral reforms and the fight against corruption were discussed during the meeting. Karen Karapetyan presented the efforts made in these directions, which are aimed at ensuring effective and smooth organization of the foregoing processes. The Prime Minister noted that the anti-corruption campaign is kept in focus by his government, which besides taking specific steps to reduce corruption risks, has recorded several achievements in the legislative field.

From the perspective of the fight against corruption, the Head of Government highlighted the ongoing cooperation with the Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) and the Money Laundering Committee (MONEYVAL). Karen Karapetyan advised that the RA judicial and legal reform strategy for 2018-2023 and the relevant action plan are being developed at this stage. The Prime Minister also touched upon the possibilities of economic cooperation with different integration associations and individual countries. In this context, he spoke about the improvement of the business environment, the promotion of investment activity and the attraction of investments.

“Our main goal is to provide every investor, both local and foreign, with all the necessary conditions for their activities. We are paying special attention to the business environment, and we can state that we have had positive results over the past one year. At the same time, we are well aware of our weaknesses and are trying to address them,” Karen Karapetyan emphasized.

The PACE Co-Rapporteurs welcomed the multifaceted reforms implemented by the Armenian government. “Thanks are owed for two things: first, for the dignified and serious approach your country is showing to Syrian refugees, particularly the Diaspora Armenians. We are grateful for that; it is a good example that other nations can follow and rely on. On behalf of the Council of Europe, we are grateful to you for the work done by Armenian diplomats and Armenia’s authorized representatives in Europe, including your delegation to PACE. You may rest assured that we will continue to help you keep up the pace on the way to building the new Armenia you are dreaming about,” Alan Meale said.
Thankful for the words of appreciation and the readiness for assistance, the Prime Minister stated in part, “Our relations with the Council of Europe will continue to deepen in line with Armenia’s commitments and political undertakings. Their unconditional implementation will help us promote democracy, protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in the country as key components of security and sustainable development.”

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