President Sargsyan receives prominent scientists Yuri Oganessian and Ani Aprahamyan

Today, President Serzh Sargsyan received world-renowned scientists, physicists, foreign members of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences Yuri Oganessian and Ani Aprahamyan who have arrived in Armenia to take part in the Pan-Armenian Conference due to be held on November 6-8 in Yerevan, as well as to discuss issues related to the activities of the Armenian National Research Lab (ANRL) after A. I. Alikhanyan.

In addition to his international commitments, Yuri Oganessian has been appointed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia to serve as the chairman of the ANRL International Scientific Board. In 2009-2010, he formed an international commission which submitted a proposal to the Government of Armenia on the reorganization of Yerevan Physics Institute into a national research laboratory. In 2011, he was appointed Chairman of the International Scientific Board of the Foundation. Yuri Oganessian has ever since been providing advice and assistance to the aforementioned scientific organization.

Ani Aprahamyan, who boasts long experience in the management of a number of American and European academic institutions, especially in nuclear physics and isotope production, is actively involved in the International Scientific Board established by Yuri Oganessian. Since 2011, she has been on the ANRL International Scientific Board providing assistance to young Armenian researchers in the frame of international programs.

Welcoming the renowned scientists, the President of the Republic of Armenia appreciated their willingness to support the development of science in Armenia and contribute to the progress in the fields of physics and mathematics and the education of young scientists.

President Sargsyan expressed hailed the efforts of the prominent scientists in the development of the National Center of Excellence of Oncology and especially the National Research Lab after Alikhanyan (Yerevan Physics Institute) Foundation, as well as in the establishment of the ANRL Center for Isotope Production and Diagnostics. The President stressed that the Armenian State will continue to focus on the implementation of the foregoing programs.

The interlocutors highlighted the ongoing cooperation between the Armenian Science and Technology Foundation (FAST), on the one hand, and Ani Aprahamyan and Yuri Oganessian, on the other, taking into consideration the fact that Yuri Oganesyan is also a member of the FAST Board of Trustees.

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