Armenian President attends “World Food India 2017” forum in New Delhi

President Serzh Sargsyan today participated in the plenary session of the “World Food India 2017” forum and the solemn opening ceremony of an international food exhibition in New Delhi, featuring over 200 participants from 20 countries.

Addressing the forum, President Sargsyan thanked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for organizing the “impressive” forum and for the invitation to participate in the event.

“The professional and geographical diversity of the participants is a testament to the India’s solid potential and role on the global food market,” he noted.

The President said “India, which has a history of millennia, has managed to register impressive results in the fields of political and socio-economic development over the 70 years of independence and secured its role as one of the locomotives of world economy.”

“Procession of agricultural products and export of consumer goods is of great importance for the development of Armenia’s economy,” President Sargsyan said.

“Armenian producers have accumulated a great experience in processing fruit and vegetables thanks to combination of traditional skills and innovative technologies,” the President said. He stressed the growing demand for Armenian products on the external market and added that “Armenian businessmen are taking steps towards presenting the production on the Indian market, as well.”

President Sargsyan said cooperation between businessmen from the two countries will allow to improve the efficiency of fruit and vegetable processing and open up new markets, but will also open new jobs and boost the production.


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