Kardashians challenging an Michigan restaurant over use of famous surname

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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are challenging a Michigan restaurant over the use of the famous Kardashian surname, the Daily Mail reported.

The sisters filed documents to block the Kardashian Bakery & Grill in Taylor, Michigan from trademarking their company logo.

But the restaurant’s co-owner Sandra Kardachian sees no reason for the legal stand-off, telling that it’s her last name and she the right to trademark her business name.

Sandra told Page Six that she and husband Hratch Kardachian’s last name is ‘legally [spelt] with a “c”, but traditionally it’s with an “s”‘ which is why their surnames and the business name differ.

Photo: Kardashian Bakery & Grill Facebook page


But the sister’s team claim that the bakery is simply trying to capitalize on the family’s brand.

The owners of the Armenian restaurant say they are related to the reality stars.

‘Technically my husband is related to them,” Sandra said. “I don’t think they’re aware of this… My husband’s father is related to their grandpa.”

The bakery and grill opened in March 2017 and serves Armenian pizzas, breads, pita sandwiches and more to the Detroit suburb of 60k people.

Sandra told Page Six that she hoped that both sides could work things out without the courts.
The Kardashian sisters have until February 2018 to tell the court why they’re disputing Kardashian Bakery & Grill’s trademark application.

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