Serj Tankian’s symphony to premiere in Armenia on October 19

October 19 the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, headed by conductor Sergey Smbatyan, will present Orca Symphony No. 1 by Armenian-American rock singer and composer Serj Tankian.

The composition will be presented in Armenia for the first time.

Tankian has said it’s an honor for him that the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia will perform his Orca Symphony within the framework of the Khachaturian International Festival.

Orca Symphony No. 1 was recorded on October, 2012 in Austria, Linz. The symphony was released on June 25, 2013 as an album.

The musician said that he had written Orca Symphony as a way of talking about humanity, by comparing the orca – the human whale to the people. The four acts of the composition go through the lifespan of the orca.

“The first movement is called Victorious Orcinus and it basically presents the life of the killer whale, how it is able to be victorious animal, how it is able to kill and achieve all the things possible in a physical manner on this planet. In the second act the orca decides to go underwater into the deep state of meditation and self-realization. Between the second and third movements the killer whale realizes that it itself is a dolphin. We call it killer whale but the actual species of the mammal, of the orca is a form of dolphin. Amusing the killer whale and dolphin as a good and bad version of humanity, I am trying to say that we are both good and bad, that we all have color and darkness within us. And it is a voluntary task to go toward the light and to be hopeful in life,” Tankian said in a video message.

“The last and final act of Orca is called the Lamentation of the Beached. It is when the orca or we could say the humanity realizes that our life on this planet is limited not just by our own age and physical existence, but by the age of the planet itself and what we have done to the planet. It’s a huge self-realization. I hope that you’ll enjoy all four movements of the Orca. And thank you again as having me the part of the Khachaturian International Festival,” Tankian added.

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