No alternative to Karabakh being outside Azerbaijan – Armenia’s President

At the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Geneva, President Serzh Sargsyan met with representatives of the Armenian community in Switzerland. In his opening remarks, President Sargsyan presented the results of the talks with the President of Azerbaijan.

“The meeting with the President of Azerbaijan ended a few minutes ago. No specific arrangements have been made about the settlement options. But we have agreed to take measures to ease the tension so that we do not have losses in the front line,” the President said.

“I must say that both the President of Azerbaijan and I are deeply concerned about it. May God have him always think so. He, too, understands the complexity of the problem just as I do, of course, but the problem is such that there will never be an easy solution. However, I wish to assure you that we do not see any such solution as may undermine Karabakh’s security in a way or another,” the Armenian President added.

“The only solution acceptable for us is that Karabakh be outside Azerbaijan. Never can any Armenian leader accept and implement other solution whatsoever, and for that reason, we will do our utmost to develop Armenia by strengthening our country’s economy,” the President of Armenia said,” the President concluded.

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