President Sargsyan congratulates Loris Tchgnavoryan on 80th birthday

President Serzh Sargsyan sent today a congratulatory message to conductor, composer Loris Tchgnavoryan on his 80th birthday, wishing him robust health, new achievements and all the best.

“You are one of those advocates of culture whose artistic legacy and selfless dedication to musical art are worthy of deep respect.

As a deserving child of the Armenian people, you have made a great contribution to the strengthening of our statehood and culture. During your years-long service as the head of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia, you have played a prominent role in the cultural and social life of our country with a bright image of an artistic, intellectual and patriotic Armenian.

It is gratifying to see your continued activities aimed at building on the best traditions of the art of conductor and composer for the sake of intercultural dialogue,” the President’s congratulatory message reads.

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