Hearing specialist from West Wickham to travel to Armenia and gift sound to those in need

Photo: Clive Pigott, Artful Dodge Photography


A West Wickham hearing aid company is joining a charitable mission to provide free hearing devices to people in Armenia.

Owen Hearing will travel to the Armenian capital Yerevan on the 13th of October.

Alongside ten other hearing professionals, the company will fit hearing aids and provide counselling and aftercare, working closely with a local medical team.

It will be the first time a UK team has fitted devices in an overseas mission as part of the worldwide Starkey Foundation initiative, run by manufacturer Starkey Hearing Technologies.

James Owen, director of Owen Hearing, said the mission had been one of the most worthwhile things he has ever been involved in: “Meeting the people of Yerevan and those trying to help them on the ground was a truly humbling and inspiring experience.

“I am really looking forward to this next stage where we will be able to actually fit the devices and ‘gift’ better hearing to people who really need it.”

By sharing their time and expertise Owen Hearing aims to help establish an on-going community based hearing service in Yerevan.

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