Armenia, Turkey should start dialogue from the scratch – Garo Paylan

Member of the Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan says “only democratic Turkey can open the Armenian border and speak about Armenian Genocide recognition.”  Therefore, the MP says, he and his supporters  should assume the responsibility to establish democracy in the country.

“We – the democrats – should try to find a way. Democracy is declining in Turkey. The door to dialogue must be opened, and I’ll take efforts in that direction. Upon my return to Turkey, I’ll talk to Ministers and try to open that door a little bit,” the lawmaker told reporters in Yerevan.

Despite the ban on the use of the term “Armenian Genocide” in the Turkish Parliament, Paylan says they have to find a way to speak about the events of 1915.

“Unfortunately, genocide continues if left unpunished,” he said.

Paylan considers that the frozen relations harm both Turkey and Armenia and is going to step up efforts to improve bilateral ties.

“Today we need to start dialogue from the scratch,” Paylan said.

As for the election of a new Armenian Patriarch of Turkey, Paylan said “the process drags out because of the adverse political situation in the country among others, as the state has its own interests and perspectives connected with the person that will be elected.”

“That’s why we need an elected Patriarch, but unfortunately under the conditions of deepening nationalism in the country, the state wants to see a Patriarch it prefers. This is a problem, there are 5-6 candidates. We want the Patriarch to be the one our community prefers, because he’s going to be the religious leader of all of us,” Garo Paylan said.

The lawmaker wants the election to be organized as soon as possible.

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