Head of Russian Museum: Ayvazovsky’s art belongs to the whole World


“Limits of Marine Painting” international conference, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Armenian-Russian painter Hovhannes Ayvazovsky’s birth, opened today at the National Gallery of Armenia.

“Many things separate people in this World: languages, borders, political events, ideology. But there is also a world which unites. It is the world of culture and art. So, I think, we shouldn’t divide Ayvazovsky among us. I think, you will not be offended if we say that Ayvazovsky is yours but he is also a little ours. There is not a person in Russia who does not know Ayvazovsky and does not like his art”, Vladimir Gusev, the Head of Russian State Museum said at the opening. He emphasized that Ayvazovsky’s art belongs to the whole World.

During the two days of the conference, 21 people will speak including not only Armenian specialists but also art historians, experts, collectors, publishers from museums and other institutions of Russia, Great Britain and the USA.

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