The Armenian community of Florida is safe

The damage caused to the Armenian community of Florida is not substantial, the Voice of America reports.

“The Church, thank God, stands still with its cross”, said Father Vardan Julfayan, the spiritual shepherd of the Church of the Holy Virgin.

At the South-Eastern coast of Florida where the Church is situated the destructions are not substantial. There are only toppled trees, damaged cars and broken glass. Father Vardan has already spoken to many representatives of the local community.

“Everyone is safe, thank God. So we continue our prayer unto God for people not to have suffered injuries, for everyone to be safe”, he said.

According to Vardan Julfayan, the hurricane went on from Saturday evening through Sunday night. The damage caused by Irma was less than was predicted and it was possible to avoid a large-scale catastrophe.

The local Armenian community will gather at the Church of the Holy Virgin to celebrate the Feast of the Cross and to restore the territory of the Church.

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