Golden tray made by Armenian jeweler on display at Buckingham Palace

The golden tray that Emperor Haile Selassie commissioned from Bedros Sevadjian, as a gift to Queen Elizabeth during her state visit to Ethiopia in 1965, is now on display at Buckingham Palace, the Armenian Weekly reports.

It forms part of an exhibition featuring gifts from around the world that Her Majesty has received during her long reign. The tray features in the accompanying catalog by curator Sally Goodsir.

The visit was eagerly awaited. The Emperor had a very special relationship with the Queen of England—having lived in exile in the United Kingdom during the years of Italian fascist occupation of Ethiopia, and the British having helped in the liberation of his country. In 1954, Haile Selassie I made a state visit to the U.K., and in 1965 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were warmly welcomed on their state visit to Ethiopia.

Bedros Sevadjian was commissioned to make the gold tray to be presented to the Queen during her visit. He designed it and made it, using pure gold from the Adola Mines in the south of Ethiopia. It measures about 50 x 80 cm. [20 x 30 in.] and weighs about 14 kg. [30 lbs.].

This amazing object, presented by the Emperor of Ethiopia to the Queen of England, was made by Bedros A Sevadjian—an Armenian of Ethiopia.

The Royal Gifts exhibition at Buckingham Palace runs until Oct. 1.

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